The booklet no.X is an “Overture” for piano, which is composed by my father Joseph Schelbert.
The piece is intended for this project, in order to be the first musical piece that is set in the Overtura.
The booklets, no.1-3, are music samples edited by me. My father would first write the music and
then put it into visual notation. My intention was to start with the visual part, which then is followed
by the musical part. The booklets consist of graphical shapes, patterns and images set in Overtura.
This whole project is as visual as it is listeneable. The website serves for this purpose. There you
can listen to the overture written by Joseph Schelbert, create your own musical pieces with the
“Visual Overtura Composer Tool” using the graphical shapes, patterns and images from the three booklets
and listen to them online, becoming your own Karlheinz Stockhausen.